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Intervest Corporation offer exciting opportunities for direct real estate investors. With properties across the spectrum realizing a significant growth trajectory, real estate investments can offer both attractive returns and diversification benefits. Specifically, apartments offer a long track record of favorable risk-adjusted returns, a higher dividend payout ratio and healthy growth of net operating income (NOI) relative to other property types. However, to determine the right strategy for apartment investing, investors have myriad factors to consider before deploying capital. All of the calculations, analysis and forecasting culminate into one overarching goal: to maximize returns and minimize risk.
An Inside View on Real Estate Profit Margins Earnings matter. This is as true in energy, industrials and consumer staples as it is in real estate. After all, people invest in real estate to make money.
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Recent Releases

January 15, 2020

Focused on Mississippi: Restoring old Hattiesburg High School

In a project described by Hattiesburg Mayor Toby Barker as “an effort across generations,” officials broke ground Friday on Preservation Crossing, the venture that will transform the former Hattiesburg High School on Main Street into age-restricted apartments.

June 13, 2020

Focused on Mississippi: Restoring old Hattiesburg High School

Steve Nail “All these old buildings they have a personality. It’s worth saving,” said Nail. “They’ve- she’s fought hard to stay there. Just going through hurricane and fire and everything else. And so she deserves to live.”

January 19, 2019

Work begins on conversion of old Pascagoula High School to senior apartments

The old Pascagoula High School is seen Monday. The school was built in 1939 in the Art Moderne architectural style, a cousin of Art Deco. It was a Works Progress Administration project, which the federal government launched to create jobs during the Great Depression. It is now being renovated by a private developer into independent living apartments for seniors.

January 27, 2012

Former Pascagoula High transformed into senior housing

The old Pascagoula High School was closed in 1997 and sat abandon for years. But now it's been transformed into an affordable senior housing complex called Bayside Village.

March 04, 2019

Elderly housing floated for Carnation building

A new proposal could breathe life into the former Carnation Milk plant in Tupelo.